E TV: Project Runway, Models of the Runway, and the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy

E: In other words, welcome to the girly shows that only I go for. 🙂  Rife with Spoilers, so please, make the jump at your own risk.

Project Runway

This week’s challenge – make up a character who would appear in a genre film, and create a costume for her – is one of my favorite ideas of ever.  I was sorry to see R’amon go, but not surprised; his garment was far and away the worst.  On the one hand, I think his original concept of a cat suit was spot on sci fi, but the execution when it was still a jumpsuit was more cute dinosaur Halloween costume.  I mean, seriously, he had a big round patch of scaly green leather to go over the belly!  I think he was aiming for Mystique in X-Men (totally the right way to go) and just didn’t know how to execute it.  And so the dress he threw together at the last minute was a disaster. (Though ironically enough he won the last time he threw together a dress after failing to make his bodysuit concept work.) I’m also skeeved out that Nicholas won.  I’m not a fan – his work doesn’t thrill me, his alien ice queen gown was cliche, his attitude is petty, and he just doesn’t seem that bright – and I was sorry to see Epperson’s fantastic Western farm wife lose.  Not that I’m the biggest fan of Epperson the man, not after the way he treated Qristyl, but still, he has other appealing qualities (love of his kids) and anyway, the work stood for itself.  As it should.  I was of two minds about Christopher’s Victorian vampire bride; it was very cool if you didn’t expect it to be an actual period piece.  I thought Epperson’s was truer to the challenge.

Also, I liked Louise’s work, and am so relieved she didn’t go home.  I can appreciate that her gorgeous detail work doesn’t translate on the runway, and that her story was a hot mess, but I still think the dress was awesome.  I pretty much think everything she makes is awesome.

Other than that, I’ve a few complaints.  First, as always, I want to see more of the clothes!  I hate it when we don’t get to see Tim visit with everyone.  And the fact that  all we saw of Shirin’s garment was the fabric before it walked the runway?  Editing fail.

Here’s the big one, though. Give me my judges back!   I know Nina and Michael always have a few eps they miss, at least in recent seasons, but both of them together?  How many challenges has it been now?  Zoe Glassner is fine, but she doesn’t have Nina’s gravitas.  At least she’s stuck around long enough for us to get to know her a bit, though.  I hate the constant parade of Michael replacements, I really do.

M: Just for the record, Miss These-are-the-girly-shows-that-only-I-watch, I occasionally watch this show.  Now, admittedly, it is because Mrs M is a huge fan (E: hee – I’m totally calling my husband Mr. E from now on – points to anyone other than C who knows why that’s hilarious), and my nine year old daughter currently has “fashion designer” as one of the top potential career choices (at the same age I think I was aiming for playing for the Celtics, so I take it with a grain of salt, but she has a pretty good eye for a nine year old), so at times I can’t avoid it.  However, it can be very entertaining, more so for the hideous clothes and the ridiculous characters, but sometimes for the good clothes, too.

E: Wait, you’re arguing that the category is wrong because your wife and daughter occasionally force you to watch this?  Um, sorry.  That’s the definition of a girly show, isn’t it?

Models of the Runway

I wondered how long they’d let the designers stick with the same models.  The entire model show is based on the tension created by being picked by the designers, and when the designers stopped swapping models, and found ones they really enjoyed working with, what was the point?

This is where Bunim/Murray missed a big opportunity.  When I first heard about it, I assumed that the model show would be the model side of what happens in the work room, or backstage, which would be WAY more interesting than what they actually decided to do.  The producers are manufacturing drama now, but think about it – wouldn’t you like to know what the models thought about the garments?  Or who glues the outfit together on the girl, like Santino did, or has pins sticking in them?  We did find out that Lisa had to be lifted onto the stage during the newspaper challenge, because the gown Carol Hannah made her just didn’t bend enough for her to walk up the stairs.  I’d like more of that kind of detail, please.  (BTW, anyone else find that similar to the dress Toni Collette wore to the Emmys? Taking into account the fact that PR was filmed more than a year ago, of course.)  I’m even cool with hearing that all the girls are lusting after Logan, which is why he prefered married model Koji, and how protective she became of him.   But really, I just want to know more about the clothes, and how the process works in the workroom.  And not which models think they have nice feet.

M: Yeah, this one I want no part of.  Maybe if some of them looked like they’d eaten something since before the Clinton administration….

Grey’s Anatomy

Honestly, I remember very little about the patients in this episode.  I know Martha Plimpton was there (M: She’s still working?  wow), playing the mother of a teen (!) with back pain.  I remember Seviche.  But really, these two episodes were all about the pain of losing George O’Malley. I remember all the main characters doing Meredith’s traditional voice over.  I remember Callie, gasping for breath as Derek lost his fight to save George.  I remember all the interns crying.  I remember Callie going to Izzie, who destroyed her marriage, and saying, you have to help me decide if he would want his organs donated, and which ones; I remember Izzie answering “George would give everything.”  (Sniffle.) I remember Bailey in the OR, demanding to know where each of his organs were going.

I can’t help thinking of the way the pieces fit together in the beginning of this show, with George longing for Meredith, and Meredith first fighting against falling for McDreamy, and then fighting his sort of ex-wife Addison for him.  Gosh, but Kate Walsh was snippy and awesome.  And I miss Isaiah Washington, bigot though he is.  I miss all that.  McSteamy and Little Grey and Arizona just don’t give the same level of zip.  I miss the days when George was an integral part of everything (though not, ick, Gizzie).  But there’s stuff to like about the new season – last season’s best addition, Dr. Hunt (gravitas!  finally!), and maybe this merger between Seattle Grace and Mercy West.  I can’t comment on how realistic it is (the hospital where I had my kids is a Harvard teaching hospital, and they merged somewhat recently with the hospital that takes care of the Red Sox, so it does happen, no matter how big your name.  M: Hmmm, well since the hospital industry, and not entertainment blogging, is where I bring home the bacon, I can actually give some insight into that.  Yes, no matter how large or how good the reputation of the hospital, the possibility of merging, or needing to merge, or at least striking a strategic partnership, is very real, especially in the current economy.  And to tie in the geographic area of the show, one of my customers is a hospital organization that spans the width of Washington state, and into Idaho and Montana.  Very realistic.  The rest of the show, not so much!), but it has to be a better engine for plotlines than last year’s miserable “we’re twelfth in the nation” gripe that went no where.  Other than, anyway, showing that the new residents weren’t teaching their interns anything.

If this season’s plotlines don’t captivate me, I think this may be the end of my love affair with Grey’s Anatomy.  It does have an ability to reduce me to tears unparalleled by scripted television, and then to make me giggle in the midst of my tears, but is that worth the increasing silliness of the romantic shenanigans – not to mention the glut of uninspiring new characters?  I hope the answer is yes.

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5 comments on “E TV: Project Runway, Models of the Runway, and the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Jacques says:

    This season of PR seems to have hit on a lot of parity. Most of the worst contestants are out, but now it’s hard to know who might be the favorite, as wins have been pretty evenly spread (Christopher, perhaps).

    As a result, though, I feel like we’ve gotten a chance to get to know more of the contestants than, say, in Top Chef, where it seems like I still know hardly anything about Laurine, Eli, Ash, because they’re stuck in the great middle.

    The downside, though, is that they seem to be knocking off most of the interesting characters, and we’re going to be left with some manufactured reasons why we should be interested in Shirin, Carol Hannah, Logan, etc.

    Not going anywhere near Models of the Runway, and haven’t seen Grey’s in years, since the whole Meredith is dead schtick turned me off.

    • E says:

      That’s very true, although you could say the same thing about last season of Project Runway; no frontrunners really appeared until quite a bit later in the season. I find that sort of unsettling but exciting too.

      And, hmm. I think I have a good sense of Eli’s food (southern comfort) but Laurine and Ash are still a mystery to me. We got all that conflicting info on Ron, we know Robin cooks simple food, Hector and Mike are influenced by their ethnicities, some of the chefs are trained and some aren’t, but yeah, we don’t know everyone’s background or style. Honestly, I’m not even sure about Michael V, not with his Asian cowboy dish.

  2. Nancy W says:

    I was already to give up on Grey’s last year, and then they had such a good final, I thought I would give it another chance. I thought it was good – I was in tears with Bailey going over where George’s organs would go, but then they cut to a commercial and never talked about it again! I think I might give up on this show after all – I have always liked medical dramas (going back to St. Elsewhere!) but this one is WAY to much of a soap opera for me!!!!

    • E says:

      I’ve been very frustrated with the show of late, too. From Gizzie to Denny’s Ghost, well, we got a lot of bad plot. Waay over the top. So, we’ll see. It’s on notice.

  3. Nancy W says:

    Okay – so now I am really thinking of giving up on Greys! It just isn’t that exciting!!! I will give it one more week and that is it! Private Practice on the other hand was GREAT! Since I hadn’t heard any gossip on characters leaving, I was pretty sure that it wasn’t Violet’s funeral they were at, but I also didn’t know whose it was. I thought maybe it was the woman that stole that baby at first. Just at the end I figured it out. Very nice drama!

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