Fall TV Preview: Tuesday

Titles in blue are new this season; each * means one Quibbling Sibling will be tuning regularly.

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Shark Tank (ABC, September 29th)

M: My wife and I watched a few minutes of this in one of the episodes they aired already. The setup is that people who have either businesses or ideas for businesses go try to sell all or a percentage of their business to a panel of “business sharks,” people who have a ton of capital and have run successful businesses. Basically, a bunch of Thomas Crownes. It seemed like it might be like American Inventor, which was pretty decent. Anyway, after the “sharks” belittled and mocked every single contestant for not taking their completely one-sided offers, I’d seen enough.

E: Sounds gross. I’m happy to skip it.

V *** (ABC, November 3rd)

E: Now this I’m dying to see. M and I were hip to the miniseries back in the day, and as adults we relish it for its cheesy hilarity (remember the construction worker whose arm freezes and shatters?) and terrifying premise. Now, with an update staring Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell, Party of Five/Everwood/The Nine‘s Scott Wolf, and Firefly‘s Morena Baccarin, it looks like the story is going to get the serious treatment. Early reports glow. Completely thrilling!

C: The creators of this show has a completely original idea: take a twenty-five-year-old beloved sci fi series and stylishly revamp it. Oops, did I say “original”? Well, who cares. Battlestar Galactica is off the air, and something needs to take its place as the slickest sci fi drama on television. Will it be V? We’ll see in November…

M: Honestly, my exact thought when I found out about this was “I bet they’re going to try to do the same thing that BSG did, make it grittier and not campy at all.” I hope they are as successful as BSG was, and we’ve liked Elizabeth Mitchell ever since the vastly underrated Dennis Quaid-Jim Caviezel flick Frequency.

90210 (CW, September 8th)

M: 90210 2.0…. sooooo not interested. I watched 5 minutes of it last season before I had to change the channel to prevent my ocular nerve from decaying.

E: My husband and I watched the first episode, and were astounded at just how bad it really was. Now I understand they’ve decided it wasn’t sufficiently trashy last season, so it’s going to be the New new 90210. Gr-eat. Sorry, but lack of trash was not what kept us from tuning in.

So You Think You Can Dance * (FOX, 8 to 10, September 9th)

E: Anyone who reads this space knows I love this show. I am thrilled that my favorite summer tv show has come to the fall, and in awe of the show’s courage in using their first air date in the big leagues to highlight not one, not two, but three tap dancers. And not a single hip hop dancer! Don’t get me wrong, I love good street dance; I’m just amazed (and impressed) they didn’t start with the most popular dance genre. Good for them! The great hip hop comes tonight, as I read the commercials. (Programming note – the length of the show varies depending on the point in the season.  And it looks like it won’t actually be airing on Tuesdays until More to Love is over. Until next week at least, we have to wait until Wednesday.)

NCIS (CBS, September 22nd)

M: This is another show that I can comfortably watch a random episode of, enjoy, and feel like I don’t have to watch every week. Overall solid show.

The Biggest Loser* (NBC, 8 to 10, September 15th)

M: This is a true favorite of mine. When I first heard about this show, I hated the thought of it, and especially the title, thought it was degrading. Then I watched it. This is one of the most uplifting, inspiring shows ever, and I mean ever. I know people at my gym, at my work, at their work, and various other places, who have done and are doing “biggest loser” competitions, and are changing their lives for the better because of this show. And to watch the contestants on it change their own lives is just amazing. E and C can tell you that I’m not exactly easily brought to tears, but this show and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are the ones that get me close.

E: I watched a couple seasons of this show on cable (love getting to see all the episodes over the course of a few weeks) and I did cry. Heck, even the theme song gets to me. I’ve never actually watched it in prime time, though; they got rid of Caroline Rhea, the original (awesome) host, and supersized the episodes, and that’s just too much.

M: Oh, see, this is the ultimate DVR show. You record the two hours, zip through all the stuff they repeat going into and coming out of breaks, the stupid product placements that used to be at least semi-organic and are now just commercials without professional actors, and then the beep-beep-beeping of the different weights during the weigh-ins before they show the actual weight, and you can watch the whole show in about an hour, sometimes less. You get the good, get it quick enough, and you’re good. Love DVR!!!


Dancing With the Stars Results (ABC, September 22nd)

M: One thing that my wife and I love watching this show for is the train wreck that is Samantha Harris. She laughs at the least appropriate times, laughs at her own lame jokes, and appears to have ADD, as she can’t stay still when she isn’t speaking. She makes Tom Bergeron look like Lord Laurence Olivier by comparison. It’s highly entertaining.

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, September 22nd)

M: LL Cool J! Chris O’Donnell! It’s back to the 90’s on CBS! One question, though… how long before they just shorten it to “NCIS:LA”?

E: I like the two of them, but not really enough to watch this show. I mean, I like Mark Harmon too.

Melrose Place (CW, September 8th)

C: The “return” of this show really makes one wonder — how much does a famous name actually help a TV series to attract and keep an audience? Because, while people might tune in to the new MP once or twice out of nostalgia, they’re not going to keep watching unless they like high-camp primetime soaps. And if primetime soaps are your bag, wouldn’t you tune in no matter what it was called? I can see revamping a show that had something really distinctive about it which hadn’t been replicated yet, but a Melrose Place imitator called “Melrose Place” can’t be that different from all the other imitators it’s spawned with different titles.


The Forgotten (CBS, September 22nd)

M: Christian Slater, having failed in an over-hyped foray into TV last year, gets another shot. I wasn’t sure this one would fare any better… until I saw that Jerry Bruckheimer is producing it. I mentioned it in the G Force review: he has great instincts and knowledge of how to make things audiences like. Not that I’m going to watch it, I’m just saying, don’t be surprised if Slater and 24’s Reiko Aylesworth end up with a hit on their hands.

The Good Wife * (ABC, September 22nd)

M: Loved Julianna Margulies on ER. Loved Chris Noth on the orignial Law and Order. Like the other back to the 90’s show, CSI…uh, NCIS:LA, not sure this is going to fly.

C: This is the kind of show that I look at and think, “Good cast, interesting idea, not for me.” I might watch it as a movie, but when it comes to TV a heavy drama needs to have a very imaginative (preferably fantastical) premise to catch my attention. Lawyers? Meh.

E: I’ll be watching the pilot, anyway, because I love Juliana Margulies, and I think the idea is interesting, but like my sibs, I’m not sure I’ll stick with a lawyer show unless the follow through is great.

The Jay Leno Show (NBC, September 15th)

E: No asterisks for you, Jay Leno!


11 comments on “Fall TV Preview: Tuesday

  1. Micky says:

    Aylesworth is not in “The Forgotten.” She was fired from it months ago and replaced by Heather Stephens.

    • M says:

      Well, that’s both odd and disappointing. Also turns out that Slater replaced Brittish actor Rupert Penry-Jones in the lead role, though IMDB has them both listed as being the character in the pilot. And they still list
      Aylesworth, but not Stephen, though it looks from Hollywood Reporter that that change was in fact made. odd….

  2. otahyoni says:

    “the vastly underrated Dennis Quaid-Jim Caviezel flick Frequency”

    Yes! Thank you! I kind of adore that movie, but the world seems to have forgotten it exists.

    • M says:

      I didn’t find it until a friend recommended it a year or more after it was on video, and it instantly became on of my favorites. I’ve been trying to spread the word on it ever since, and literally everyone that watches it likes it. Glad to hear there are more people who appreciate it out there!

  3. shasas says:

    ok.. WOOT WOOT for frequency, just to reiterate. One of the best films of my lifetime.

    and, M is not being totally honest- he all out cries at Biggest Loser and Home Edition; which i find sweet and annoying, since he did NOT cry at our wedding or the birth of our kids!! LOL

  4. Pam says:

    Find The Good Wife premise to be very uncomfortable. it’s bad enough to watch real politicians’ wives get shamed in public… even if it’s a launching point to JM as a lawyer show — hey, haven’t they already tried that a few times?

  5. Matt H says:

    Hmm – SYTYCD vs. Biggest Loser. That’s tricky for me. I might just have to enter the DVR age finally, since M’s suggestion that Biggest Loser is the ultimate DVR program couldn’t be more true. Biggest Loser really IS a fantastic, inspirational show. And I agree – when it began, I thought it was gross and was going to be embarrassing and exploitative. But nope – turns out to be very feel-good! With the “characters” you root for, the ones you feel for, and the ones you love to hate. And there’s almost no guiltier pleasure than watching Jillian screaming at someone at the top of her lungs to work harder, the veins in her neck looking like they’re going to snap right out – only to then see that person drop, oh, 22 pounds that WEEK.

    And, er… that’s about it for me on Tuesdays, I guess. Oh, but I love the movie “Frequency.” Love it.

    Is Leno cancelled yet…?

    • E says:

      Oh, Matt, you will never be sorry – there’s no going back to the world before the dvr once you’ve had one. On the other hand, I find myself assuming I can rewind the radio because I’m just so used to being able to replay something if someone mumbled it the first time.

      I can’t remember what channel – Oxygen? – replayed TBL Saturday night, and I just sobbed. Abby’s story was so emotional I can’t even think about it too closely.

      • Matt says:

        Oh, I just watched Biggest Loser online earlier, and Abby’s story… well, I don’t know how she got up in the morning back then. And who knows, maybe she didn’t – I don’t even have the relationships to make her position possible for me, but just imagining it makes me queasy. Good for her for really moving on and embracing life – which she totally seems to be doing. She’s got quite a positive attitude.

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