Fall TV Preview: Mondays

Titles in blue are new this season; each * means one Quibbling Sibling will be tuning in.
In case you missed it, here’s the link to Sunday.


Dancing With the Stars (ABC, 8 to 10, September 21st)

E: I think of this show as an alternative when So You Think You Can Dance isn’t on – as well as gainful employment for former SYTYCD contestants, specifically Chelsea Hightower and Lacy Schwimmer. (M: Sorry, but I can’t take anyone named “Lacy” seriously after growing up watching Caddyshack. E: Mom and Dad let you watch Caddyshack? Where was I? M: Ok, so “growing up” was maybe a tiny stretch, but saw it in high school at some point.) The pleasure of this show is clearly watching the “celebrities” evolve over the season, and go from dreadful to passable or even good. At least for the people who don’t find their pleasure in the dreadful, anyway.

How I Met Your Mother** (CBS, September 21st)

M: I believe C has covered this one, but glad to have it back. Have watched reruns at times over the summer (they still do re-runs of some shows!) and it is really funny.

C: My only source of frustration, as someone who discovered this show over the summer, is that the Season 4 DVD isn’t even going on sale until after Season 5 starts. So I’ll miss watching the first few weeks live while powering my way through the DVDs – you’d think they could time it better!

One Tree Hill (CW, September 14th)

M: I thought this show, along with Smallville, ended 5 years ago!

E: Apparently they time traveled.  Twice.  Thus far it’s enabled them to avoid death.

House (FOX, September 21st)

E: I used to be such a loyal viewer in general. I also used to watch this show. Hugh Laurie is uniformly amazing, but all the inter-personnel drama of late has left me bored, cold, and reading a book.

M: The casting changes really killed it for me. Adding a character named “Thirteen”? Really, we’re supposed to buy that as a legit name?

Heroes (NBC, September 21st)

E: I miss the days when this was a family must watch. Do either of you still take the time?

M: Oddly, we gave up on it right before the end of Season 2. Literally, right before the end. It was before we had DVR, and we missed the finale, and still haven’t watched it, or an episode since. Very sad, Season 1 was awesome.

C: I gave up a few eps into Season 3. I was just tired of it. They entirely lost the sense of fun and adventure that made the first season so joyful to watch. Now that they’ve snatched Bryan Fuller from the cruelly murdered Pushing Daisies though, maybe the show will improve?


Accidentally on Purpose (CBS, September 21st)

M: Jenna “The Original Dharma Initiative” Elfman returns to TV in completely stereotypical looking sitcom. Yawn.


Two and a Half Men (CBS, September 21st)

M: This has been consistently funny the times I have seen it. I won’t make a point to watch it, and like it less than HIMYM and Big Bang, but it is very watchable. Finally a show Jon Cryer didn’t kill!

E: Even if I never see an episode, it makes this 80s teen happy that Jon Cryer is out there, doing well, and being appreciated.

Gossip Girl (CW, September 14th)

C: Rich teenagers drink, trade insults, have sex and wear expensive clothes. When did the mean kids in high school become the ones we’re supposed to root for? It’s like watching a show about James Spader and his friends from Pretty in Pink.

M: Yes, and I couldn’t be any less interested.

E: Cue Bill the Cat – ack.

Lie to Me (FOX, September 28th)

M: I like the cast of this, but have yet to carve the time out to check it out.

E: I watched the first episode or two (I like Tim Roth and Kelli Williams) and it was fine.  The best part? Clips of famous people illustrating the telltale signs and facial twitches of dishonesty.

Trauma (NBC, September 28th)

M: Seriously NBC, Mondays aren’t traumatic enough for most people?

E: Some critics are suggesting this is going to be good, but it looks too genericly Third Watch to me.  You’d think it’d be easier to make a great show about EMTs (all the real ones I know have fantastic stories) but somehow no one has managed it yet.

C: Ahh, but the real stories are more macabre or grossly funny than epic!


The Big Bang Theory* (CBS, September 21st)

M: For me this is another one like HIMYM, where I watch it if I can, and love it, but don’t DVR it and don’t make a point to watch. Good, enjoyable fun, and had one of the best lines ever in the history of TV.

E: Which was? This show looked so stereotyped to me, which why I never got into it. And, also, sitcom. Shudder.

M: I could write down the line, and it would be great, but still it wouldn’t do it justice. Watch this clip, the line is right around the 1:30 mark.


Castle** (ABC, September 21st)

E: My favorite Monday night offering. Who knew, from the way this show was promoted, that playboy novelist Richard Castle would turn out to be an adorable family man? I love Nathan Fillion – I mean, how can you not love Nathan Fillion – and this is why we started, but the show holds its own, especially when it comes to Castle’s actress mother (think Shirley MacLaine in Postcards From the Edge) and straight-laced, responsible, darling daughter. (A positive role model for teen girls on TV? NO WAY! )

M: Yep, we watched a few episodes, and it was predictable and formulaic, but it didn’t matter because it was entertaining.

C: This show got better as it went on, too. What I ended up loving about it was the tongue-in-cheek way it poked fun at its own predictability. The chemistry between the actors is also stellar. To our readers who missed its short first season – this one’s worth checking out.

CSI: Miami (CBS, September 21st)

M: Ahh, CSI: Shatner. LOVE this show, I find it to be one of the best comedies on TV. And it’s one of the best shows to watch in HD, the helicopter shots of Miami are ridiculously incredible.

E: It certainly works as a travelogue.  Well, assuming you can manage to avoid being a corpse, anyway.

The Jay Leno Show (NBC, September 14th)

E: Oh! Oh! I get to be the first one to say what a hideous bad idea this is! Yay, me! I seriously think this is the worst idea ever. On the other hand, that’s one less thing I’m interested in watching.

C: It’s also FIVE hour-long drama slots that got killed. *grumble*

M: I don’t know, I think it could work, because there are people who want to go to bed early, but like late night talk shows. I don’t think I’ll watch, but some people will.

E: Well, yes, some people might watch it. Just not me. Now if they got John Stewart for 10pm, that might be something.

M: However, you left off the Monday night offering I am most looking forward to….. duh duh duh daaaaaahhhhhh! Monday Night Football (ESPN)! Yes, I know its not really a show, but, well, it’s football.


12 comments on “Fall TV Preview: Mondays

  1. Heather says:

    My night will look like this: How I Met Your Mother and Castle. It’s so sad that I am not into Heroes anymore. But I do love Castle. Great characters.

  2. M says:

    Heather, you love a show about a writer? No way! 🙂

  3. Shannon says:

    Definitely look forward to HIMYM (which I think is primetime’s most underrated hidden gem, I can’t believe it took me 4 seasons to discover its glory!), and Grey’s next week. Already have SYTYCD and Glee in the lineup as well. I am not too interested in any of the other shows anymore. Some of them I used to watch, some I never bothered.

  4. Megan says:

    I haven’t seen mercy, but I wasn’t impressed by “HawthoRNe”. We don’t really need a show about nurses, but nurses work with doctors in real life, but TV kind of ignores them. ER did a pretty good job of it, but two of the more prominent nurses (Carol and Abby) were considering medical school or a medical student at one time or another during the show. Most nurses hate drama, so maybe a sitcom would work better. Of course, Carla on Scrubs is (or I guess, was) a nurse. Most nurses I know love medical dramas, but some of us (myself included) don’t want to think about work when we’re not there. I’d rather watch a cop show. Or Masterpiece Mystery.

    • E says:

      See, that’s just how I feel about “family” shows, especially sitcoms about people with kids. No need to watch my day job…

  5. Pam says:

    am torn about Heroes & House tonight – both 2 hour premieres. LOVE HOUSE and know it will be strong — but Fox will probably play it over the weekend too. Heroes has been bad and good, but I sort of made a commitment somewhere and want it to fulfill the promise of the first season.

    • E says:

      Ugh, so true – I feel kind of guilty abandoning Heroes, but on the other hand, the first season was so brilliant that it’s painful to watch it suck, much more so than another show that I only liked casually.

  6. Gina says:

    Re: “Castle,” I love the adorable family man thing too. That scene where they were fencing all over the apartment was too cute. 🙂

  7. Matt H says:

    “but all the inter-personnel drama of late has left me bored, cold, and reading a book” – I said something SO close to this not an hour ago to coworkers talking about House.

    I was as cynical about Two and a Half Men as all get-out. But the comedy on that show is *surprisingly* clever. And I cannot ever believe what they get away with.

    Stupid Leno.

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